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Nick Masri MD

Nick Masri MD

Double Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

If you’re trying to lose unwanted fat from pregnancy WITHOUT lifting a single dumbbell or doing a single set of crunches…

Here are three things that will most definitely help you:

  • One, eat a balanced diet. That means consuming all the essential nutrients you need without going overboard with your caloric intake. If you’re breastfeeding, you also have to make sure that you’re not limiting your calories too much. 
  • Two, drink enough water. It will help you regain the fluids you lost during milk production and, at the same time, curb hunger pangs that might push you to overeat.
  • And three, get enough sleep. Not only will sleep deprivation make it harder for you to lose weight, but it will also put you at higher risk for health problems like diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

The important thing is to be CONSISTENT and COMMITTED to living a healthy lifestyle. 

Sounds simple enough, right? 

But there’s one crucial thing you need to remember.

It takes TIME to see the results.

I’m not just talking about weeks or months. 

I’m talking about YEARS.

Studies show that drinking at least a liter of water per day can help you lose only 4.4 pounds in 12 months.

If you’re 20 pounds overweight, you’d need more or less five years to shed off those excess fats and restore your former silhouette.

Add a balanced diet and enough sleep in the mix, and you probably can accomplish your goal in about two or three years. 

You could have had another child by that time!

Thank goodness these are NOT the only ways to lose your pregnancy weight.

If you want to accelerate the restoration of your former figure and enjoy it sooner than later, then consider getting a mommy makeover.

Simply put, a mommy makeover is a set of body contouring surgeries designed to target the most commonly affected areas of your body after pregnancy.

This isn’t a cookie-cutter high BMI plastic surgery as every procedure is highly tailored to your needs.

The best part about it?


For most patients, SIX WEEKS is all it takes to fully recover from the surgery and flaunt their confidence-boosting body.

No time wasted.

So, if quick results sound better to you than years of avoiding your comfort foods, book your mommy makeover consultation here.

And if you want to learn more about the mommy makeover, feel free to continue reading the rest of this article.

Making your time count,

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