The “Essential” Things In Life Are Not Always What They Seem...

Nick Masri MD

Nick Masri MD

Double Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

I bet you’ll agree with me that the pandemic has made us appreciate all the underrated but important things in life.

Empty grocery shelves in the face of panic buying stressed how vital food and water are.

Lockdowns and travel restrictions made people yearn for physical contact and freedom.

Even toilet paper’s significance has gotten to a whole new level as people stocked up tons in their homes.

This has created a divide between what’s deemed essential and non-essential.

Unfortunately, elective plastic surgery fell to the “non-essential” side of the spectrum.

All my scheduled operations had to be pushed back until everything calmed down.

But the thing is, what may not be important to others might mean the world to someone else. 

You see, it’s hard to tell a 38-year-old mom having constant back pains because of her big breasts that she had to wait for a while longer to have her breast reduction because it’s not essential.

I also had to delay post-bariatric surgery for a woman who got depressed after gaining lots of sagging skin because she lost 53 pounds.

Even a simple procedure that would allow a 29-year-old patient to finally wear colorful clothes free from pit stains had to be postponed indefinitely.

All these just because their procedures are not considered urgent or important in the grand scheme of things.

But if there’s one thing I can consider as the silver lining — at least in the plastic surgery industry…

It’s the rise of TELEMEDICINE.

I’ve always offered free virtual consultations (which you can schedule here) long before the pandemic happened, but it’s undeniable how the current situation sped up the growth of telemedicine.

In fact, telehealth services grew by an astounding 4000% in April 2020!

While the number of surgeries we’re doing is still limited, virtual consultations helped us connect with our patients, allay their fears, and reassure them that their surgeries will push through as soon as possible.

If having confidence in your face and body’s appearance is as essential to you as it is to my patients, continue reading this newsletter to know how telemedicine can help you.

To your happiness,

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