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for BBL

Dr. Masri accepts patients with a BMI of up to 45 in general, as long as they have obtained a clean bill of health. In some cases, BMI is not limited.

Cosmetic surgery has become a go-to solution for women who want to amplify their natural beauty. And with more and more women wanting to have larger and shapelier buttocks, the question about the highest BMI for BBL comes into play.

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

BBL stands for Brazilian butt lift. It is a procedure that involves transferring fat from one area of the body to the buttocks. If you’re wondering whether your weight is ideal for the process, read on to find out.

A Brazilian Butt Lift or BBL makes the buttocks fuller and rounder using the body’s own excess fats. 

It uses the process of liposuction to remove excess fat from other fat-rich areas of the body, like the waist, arms, and back. Your surgeon then processes and cleans the extracted fat, then injects it into the buttocks for a perkier look.

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Nick Masri MD, one of Miami's top board-certified plastic surgeons.

With over 20 years of experience operating on post-bariatric and massive weight loss patients, Dr. Masri can offer cosmetic surgery to those who may have been turned down by other surgeons due to their highest BMI for BBL – giving them a chance to achieve their dream body.

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What’s the Weight Limit or Highest BMI for BBL Surgeries?

A high BMI doesn’t automatically translate to obesity, as it may be caused by high muscle mass and other factors. Also, plus-sized women might be viable candidates for the Brazilian Butt Lift because they have excess body fat that can be transferred to their buttocks.

Ideally, you should have a BMI range of 18.5 to 29.9 for any surgery, including BBL. There are also plastic surgeons who may do BBL surgery on patients with a higher BMI as high as 35.

But for double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Nick Masri, you can get a BBL even if you have a BMI of up to 45 — as long as you have a good overall health status.  For him, having a high BMI should not be a hindrance towards achieving your dream body.

To ensure your safety, he does all his surgeries in topnotch hospitals with immediate access to trained staff and safety equipment.

If you have a higher BMI than 45, Dr. Masri will advise you to undergo a weight management program until you lose enough weight.

A BMI higher than 45 can cause complications in post-surgical healing. These complications vary from slow recovery time to fluid collection to problematic wound healing.

The same goes for cases wherein a person might have BMI under the required range. But, instead of a weight loss program, they are told to increase their weight so that there are more sources of body fat.

Before getting a BBL, talk with Dr. Masri for a complete assessment of your health status. This will guarantee a healthy procedure with minimal to no post-surgery complications.

I do not use BMI as a sole criterion in determining one's candidacy for surgery.

As all patients have individualized goals and surgical nuances, a high BMI should not prevent them from achieving their plastic surgery goals.
Nick Masri MD

Nick Masri MD

Double Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon